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Error messages in ESET Management Console for a single machine after install


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I have a single machine that is reporting 3 different security risks.

1.  Anti-Phishing protection is non-functional

2.  Network attack protection (IDS) is non-functional

3.  Web and Email Protocol filtering is non-functional


I have uninstalled the product, rebooted and reinstalled.  It is communicating and receiving all the policies that it is supposed to have on it.  I am able to push scans to the machine so it is communicating to the server. 


I have tried turning off the different options in advanced setup on the machine itself and then turning them back on.  But ESET still shows errors.    I have tried turning off and back on Windows Firewall.  And reset Windows Firewall to the defaults.    Still Same errors persist.  I have uninstalled the AV and rebooted the machine.  Reinstalled with an Administrator account, but the services still report the errors.  


I have pull the logs from ESET Security Management Center but I am unable to view from my local machine.  



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  • Administrators

Please enable advanced network protection logging in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics and reboot the machine. Next disable logging, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here or to a safe location and provide me with a download link.

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  • ESET Staff

As far as I know, those three errors in ESMC are displayed in case, when the "protocol filtering" component is disabled, or not working properly. 

What is the version of the operating system, and what is the version of the Endpoint program? That would help to identify the root cause (along the logs that Marcos requested). 

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