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Major Update Windows from Remote task won't work

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Hi, I'm on a trial period of cloud administrator. I'm trying a remote task to test how to update remote workstations within ESET cloud administrator.

Windows 10 Update says that everything is updated, but I have another notification to update from version 1803 to 1903. I created a remote task on eset to update and it doesn't install this update. It works only with minor windows updates? Or how can I make a trigger to install this major update from ESET console?

Here is the image about the Windows Update https://ibb.co/mqFFnB5


Thanks in advance



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  • ESET Staff

@Ndndnn Hello, you are correct, operating system update task does not work for the major version upgrades of Windows. Those needs to be installed manually, as the process requires interaction of the user. 

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