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Explorer.exe being flagged

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Anyone else that is still using file sec 4.5 for windows servers getting any errors about having to send in explorer.exe and the power shell.exe into eset?

Its happening on every single server in my global infrastructure.

1 - I have made zero policy changes

2 - We have a WSUS server, but I cannot find any updates that have made changes to those to .exe's

let me know if anyone has had similar if not the same occurrence's.





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By flagging the files I understand they were detected and blocked and you received a red alert, however, I doubt that was the case since they are perfectly legitimate and popular files. Also those files were not submitted because they had already been submitted in the past which means that ThreatSense servers would refuse them.

Using ESET File Security 4.5 is not recommended. It wasn't made to support newer OS's than Windows Server 2003 and does not include many new protection features that can detect and block new borne threats virtually instantly as they emerge.

I would strongly recommend uninstalling EFSW 4.5 and installing EFSW v7.

Since v4.5 already reached its end of life (https://support.eset.com/kb3592/), we do not even provide support for such old and obsolete products.

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