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  1. I'm am very disappointed with ESET and how its handled its stopping support of Windows 7 and this certificate issue with legacy products. You have basically bombed my company, with its 10 locations worldwide and 3000 users let alone the servers And have nuked the desktop support team into having to work at a constant pace to ensure security on a product which was broken by ESET. The fix process is bunk, it works sometimes. And due to time constraints Now we just image the entire laptop with the new client, but we can only use Windows 10, which a lot of out laptops cant run on because I didn't know that ESET was driving our life cycle management process. Who knew right. Who knew that a company that should be focused on basically protecting any client on any system - would pick and choose what it wants to. I guess that's the disconnect of the silicon valley boys and girls. Which means I'm most likely going to leave eset entirely and go to someone that doesn't cause major upheavals within the IT department and that their product will actually run. its too bad to. because Eset did its job....until it stopped working and cause a major Charlie fox. Sincerely disappointed., Ted
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