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  1. I'm am very disappointed with ESET and how its handled its stopping support of Windows 7 and this certificate issue with legacy products. You have basically bombed my company, with its 10 locations worldwide and 3000 users let alone the servers And have nuked the desktop support team into having to work at a constant pace to ensure security on a product which was broken by ESET. The fix process is bunk, it works sometimes. And due to time constraints Now we just image the entire laptop with the new client, but we can only use Windows 10, which a lot of out laptops cant run on because I di
  2. Anyone else that is still using file sec 4.5 for windows servers getting any errors about having to send in explorer.exe and the power shell.exe into eset? Its happening on every single server in my global infrastructure. 1 - I have made zero policy changes 2 - We have a WSUS server, but I cannot find any updates that have made changes to those to .exe's let me know if anyone has had similar if not the same occurrence's. Thanks, Ted
  3. I'm about to upgrade my ERAC 5.3 to the latest and was wondering what people found about the 2 platforms they offer. My questions are basic things any sysadmin would want to know. 1. What's easier to work with - is there any real difference - or is it preference? 2. Any DB issues more on one with the other [like the early eracs versions] 3. Any gotchas we should know about before moving forward with any that haven't been listed yet? Thanks for any replies. -Tednology
  4. Sorry, I let this fall short all. So I went back to basics, the confinstall....I call things that do those 2 at the same time, what I did was make sure the IP was reserved within DNS, reserving the IP seemed to fix the issue of the appliance not being able to join the domain. Other than that - I didn't do anything else.
  5. I figured it out. Always happens when I go to the forums for anything. Thanks All.
  6. The latest Vmware appliance not being able to join the domain after you set it up. I've deployed the era_appliance.ova 4 times now, each time keeping track of how what I put in to allow this appliance onto my domain. Ive followed the directions and haven't been able to come up with anything. The appliance never shows up in AD, so I know it isnt getting onto the domain, the account I use is a domain admin, and I made sure the pass was correct. Obviously I have searched the forums for anything relevant, but am surprised to find out that something so epic as troubleshooting documentatio
  7. This morning I came in to find both of my ERACs, one in the USA, one in China unable to link with any of my clients. The errors within the event log are: Column Name Value Primary Server **-**-***-av01 Date Received 2016-05-17 12:14:59 Date Occurred 2016-05-17 12:12:23 Level Critical Warning Plugin Update module Event Bad link to update server. User NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM No changes have been made to the network, the servers, the ESXi host they are both on. I have rebooted them both to no avail. Plugin Name is Update module. I have no insight into why BOTH
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