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List of hardware of all managed clients

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I wan to to create a new report that includes all hardware characteristics that ESMC can retrieve from managed clients like storage capacity, RAM  capacity, CPU, Chasis, etc,, for example:

  • Client 1 | 20 GB storage | 8 GB RAM | 2.0 Ghz CPU | Chasis xxxxxx | etc...
  • Client 2 | 80 GB Storage | 16 GB RAM | 3.0 Ghz CPU | Chasis xxxx | etc...

So I create a new report and select the option HW inventory/Chasis - Manufacturer, for example


Next, try to add another column of hardware like CPU, but that option doesn't appear (nor RAM, nor storage capacity, etc)


Is there another way to set parameters to get a report like that?

If not, is it possible to get that information by doing a query to SQL Database? or this report template could be inlcluded in future releases of ESMC.



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Clicking "hw report" on the top of this topic will show you another topic with a similar question. If that is what you are after, then creating such report is not currently possible but we track it and possibly it will be implemented in one of future versions.

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