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  1. Thank you. Hope this report is available in next release of ESMC.
  2. Hello, I wan to to create a new report that includes all hardware characteristics that ESMC can retrieve from managed clients like storage capacity, RAM capacity, CPU, Chasis, etc,, for example: Client 1 | 20 GB storage | 8 GB RAM | 2.0 Ghz CPU | Chasis xxxxxx | etc... Client 2 | 80 GB Storage | 16 GB RAM | 3.0 Ghz CPU | Chasis xxxx | etc... So I create a new report and select the option HW inventory/Chasis - Manufacturer, for example Next, try to add another column of hardware like CPU, but that option doesn't appear (nor RAM, nor storage capacity, etc)
  3. Hi Recently after loading EMS for linux renew license (.lic), using web interface, the interface stop working and so the MTA, postfix. It was not possible to send/receive any email and if I tried to reset esets_daemon (command /etc/init.d/esets_daemon reset), it never stops, I waited even for two hours and it never happened. As a matter of fact, I decided to uninstall EMS using the next commnad: rpm -e --nonscripts esets-rsr, after this, installed EMS again, import the new licence file again, entered user name and password of new license into esets.cfg file, started esets_daemon and ever
  4. Hello Aryeh, The spam is coming from IP addresses outside the company (like but they seem to come from within the company, according to the sender that appears in the message (spoofing). Thank you for your advice.
  5. Hello William, Thank you for your help. I already advised the enduser, to change the password for this account, but the problem still remains, in fact, he is sending me new samples every day.
  6. Hi, It's installed EMS for Linux 3.0.22, it's working fine but, recently, it has received some spam, apparently is coming from an email account, belonging to the organization, but the user of that email, is not sending them. I know this is a brief description of the issue, but let me know if you need more details, EMS configuration seems to be fine, and also have some spam samples. Thank you in advance for your attention and any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, I have the next question: Is EMSX 4.5 able to scan outboun traffic on Microsoft Exchange (2010)?I've been receiving lots of notifications in some mailboxes of my organization, mails that haven't been send by the users of those mail accounts, so it seems, that somebody, someway, is sending spam in name of us (spoofing). What are doing to solve this issue is to see the headers of this notifications, an add the ip address where it comes from, to blocked ip's in EMSX and this solves the issue temporarily, but after some days or weeks, the issue occurs again. So it seems,, that ou
  8. Thank you for your attention, now I contacted my local customer care and they are reviewing the issue.
  9. Hi Peter, The issue haven't been solved yet, hope you can give me some advices. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hi, I installed EMS for linux 4.0.10, on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, with MTA Postfix. It's necesary to send emails by ports 25 and 587. Sending emails by port 25 works fine, but by port 587 is not working, they don't reach the required mailbox. Before installing EMS for Linux, it was possible to send emails by both ports. What is recommended to do, to solve this problem? Hope you can help me with this issue, if you need more information, about this topic, please, let me know. Best regards,
  11. Hi, Sorry for the delay, below the link to download process monitor log that you requested: Proces monitor log
  12. Hi, I installed EFS 4.5.12011.2 on a Win2003 Server, everything works fine, but one problem, when any user connects by terminal services (remote desktop) and send a printing job to a HP LASERJET 1102W (connected to a pc in the lan), the job, takes more than one minute to be completed. When EFS, is disabled, the print job gets back to normal (no delay). I enabled EFS, and unmarked the options Open file and create file (see image attached), and this way, the printing jobs works fine, but I know, this is not recomended, for security reasons, so my questions are: What else do you recom
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