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Prevent scanning external drives

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Every time I connect an external HD, ESET will start to scan it. It takes for a lot of time and some CPU. I consider scanning the external drives as unecessary as they mostly contain backups.

Is there any way to disable scanning? I tried to change scan targets in Scan Profile Setup but to no help. I also disabled real-time file protection, no help.

Using Eset Cyber Security for Mac v6.7.876.0

Thanks for any help.

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Found this instruction for Mac on their support page.

1. Open ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro.

2. Press the F5 key to access Advanced setup. 

3. Expand Detection Engine → Malware scans → Removable media, select Do not scan, and then click OK.

4. Click the slider bar next to Removable media blocking and then click Setup.

5. By default, all media is blocked once removable media blocking is enabled. Deselect the check box next to any media type to allow it. Once you are finished, close the Media window. Your media blocking rules will go into effect immediately.


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@chrispeddler I am not able to find Advanced setup using F5, maybe this is a different product, I have Eset Cyber Security v. 6.7.

However, I did find how to disable scanning of external drives. Enter Preferences (Cmd + ,) -> Protection/General -> Exclusions: Setup. There you can add the external drive(s) or subdirs thereof to the exclusion list. I guess this does not exclude new external drives connected but that is ok. I was able to add my TimeMachine dirs to the exclustion list which was my wish from the start.

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