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  1. @chrispeddler I am not able to find Advanced setup using F5, maybe this is a different product, I have Eset Cyber Security v. 6.7. However, I did find how to disable scanning of external drives. Enter Preferences (Cmd + ,) -> Protection/General -> Exclusions: Setup. There you can add the external drive(s) or subdirs thereof to the exclusion list. I guess this does not exclude new external drives connected but that is ok. I was able to add my TimeMachine dirs to the exclustion list which was my wish from the start.
  2. Hello! Every time I connect an external HD, ESET will start to scan it. It takes for a lot of time and some CPU. I consider scanning the external drives as unecessary as they mostly contain backups. Is there any way to disable scanning? I tried to change scan targets in Scan Profile Setup but to no help. I also disabled real-time file protection, no help. Using Eset Cyber Security for Mac v6.7.876.0 Thanks for any help.
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