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ESMC built-in (predefined) rules are messed up

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I seem to have an issue with an update ESMC appliance from version 6 (pull DB migration), firewall rules are messed up (mainly names and remote destinations), look attached screens.

This is a major issue since for exemple on the correct screen the first rule (I disabled it) seems to allow every trafic from anywhere but this rule should be the Allow all traffic within the computer with Local Addresses as remote destination.

Anyone has the same issue ? How to fix this ?



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noone has any idea ? :(

Or at least tell me how I can edit ESMC database to fix these ?


BTW, I just saw that my topic is placed in the wrong subforum, sorry, can an admin move it to Remote Administrator section ?

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OK I found out that only the policy is messed up, if I create a new policy firewall rules are correct. I will go this way.

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