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Spotlight On Security - Why Do AV Products Score So Highly In Professional Tests


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References to Eset's malware detection performance keep popping up in the forum in the form of u-Tube video tests. I came across an article on the A-V Comparatives web site that pretty much "nails it" in that these videos should be taken "with a grain of salt." A-V Comparatives was also generous in this article by not referring to what I have seen done in some of them; editing the video to delete segments where the poster purposely modified the malware sample to avoid initial detection by whatever product they were testing. Anyway, the article is "worth a read."


This question often arises on security-focused internet forums. Why do antivirus solutions perform worse when tested by amateurs than when tested by professional testing organizations? It seems odd when hobbyist home testers publish tests on YouTube that seem to be a greater challenge to the AV programs than the comparative tests of professional organizations. Despite popular conspiracy theories, there is a logical explanation for these apparently contradictory test results.


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