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How to disable event log from ESA Core?

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Hi all.

I have an domain with ESA Core installed on two servers, based on MS Server 2016 OS - first as primary and secondary for HA. Also, primary and secondary servers have RADIUS servers with different clients.

So, my question is that i have bunch of messages in system event log, written by ESA Core service. Some messages are such as:  "Error while attempting to parse signature timestamp" and

"Data for the signature not available, verification will be impossible" after all authentication attempts. And so, how i can disable them?

We have about 50-55 users with installed ESA app on mobile phone. 

First problem - this messages marked as critical status - this is the reason why monitoring systems give false alarms about every 10-30 seconds.

Second - this messages reducing free disk space too quickly.


Has everybody encountered with this problem? 


Our regional techsupport don't give any solution for that problem due whole month, and they adviced me to write on ESET forum. And i don't know how to deal with that.


Thanks all in advance.


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  • ESET Staff


These are completely normal information/records. We know about them and they do not point to any bug or problem. These errors started to appear as a side effect when we changed the push signatures sending from provisioning server but the consequence is that current cores (2.7.x and older) print these messages.

In next ESA version, they will not appear.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It is not possible to suppress those events now.

We hope that your monitoring software is capable to exclude them from watching.



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