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  1. Hi The 3rd scenario seems identical to Scenario 2. Or did you mean a scenario where mobile device is offline and also the computer is offline? If yes, it depends how you configured settings (see screenshot) in console: regards vladimir
  2. Hi Jackie you can create a support ticket directly from the ESA web console. Click "Submit feedback" on the left menu bar and choose the second option "Report an issue or a bug". regards vladimir
  3. Hi I was told by our support team that you have successfully resolved this issue. Let us know if you have any further questions. regards v.
  4. Hi can you let us know, what version of the product you are using? regards v.
  5. Hi These are completely normal information/records. We know about them and they do not point to any bug or problem. These errors started to appear as a side effect when we changed the push signatures sending from provisioning server but the consequence is that current cores (2.7.x and older) print these messages. In next ESA version, they will not appear. We are sorry for the inconvenience. It is not possible to suppress those events now. We hope that your monitoring software is capable to exclude them from watching. regards vladimir
  6. We keep it there because, any other user without 2FA turned on can manage it via ADUC. Or you can turn off 2FA for web console to get access to ADUC specially ESA "tab" there.
  7. Hi in general, if you have a compatible (https://help.eset.com/esa/27/en-US/hard_tokens.html?zoom_highlightsub=hard) hard token there are two ways: 1. User has a hard token with a small display, when OTPs are displayed. He re-types the current on into the second factor prompt during the login process 2. User, when prompted with the second factor during the login process, inserts the key into the USB port and touch a button on the key and it automatically re-types the OTP into the second factor prompt for him, no need to re-type it manually (e.g. Yubikeys). regards v.
  8. Hi there it seems that you can find a solution on this help page https://help.eset.com/esa/27/en-US/index.html (look for highlighted rectangle), regards vladimir
  9. Hi there it seems that you can find a solution on this help page https://help.eset.com/esa/27/en-US/index.html (look for highlighted rectangle), regards vladimir
  10. Hi there there could be several reasons. This probably means, that the computer is in "offline mode" that means, it does not "see" ESA core server. Please make sure, that the computer sees the core (at least one time) so its able to switch to "offline mode" correctly (mind the fact that offline mode has its limits). regards v.
  11. Hello In ESA 2.7, use RevokeHardTokenFromUser API call (see API documentation for the API usage and the usage of the method). Regards vladimir
  12. Hi there not sure on what version are you but in version 2.7 you have several options how to add users. More details here: https://help.eset.com/esa/27/en-US/?user_management.html regards vladimir
  13. Hi there we would like very much to investigate this in detail. Are you able to create an official support ticket for this issue (via local reseller, partner, or directly) so the team can investigate further? Note: Please be more specific, if you mean Local login (win) protection or RDP. And describe in more detail what was the original environment and exact build you updated to. Or any other information to help us understand the setup. Let me know. regards vladimi
  14. Hi Adding one more detail. I mentioned before, that there no way to customize contents of the SMS in standard ESA product. But there is other way I didn´t mention earlier. Can I change the text of sms?Authentication server (AD product) - no. But you can use custom delivery option (but then you have to send the message yourself).SDK - yes (TwoFactorConfiguration.AppInstallTextMessageText, TwoFactorConfiguration.TextMessageOTPText). regards v.
  15. Hi Can I make a custom page for OTP?No.But in IISFilter (SharePoint etc.) and AD FS, logo can be customized (since 2.6, create C:\ProgramData\ESET Secure Authentication\Customization\logo.png).__esaInternalContent is built-in to IISFilter.dll. There is no official way of changing it. v.
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