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  1. opa-pro

    IIS Repository & Mirror

    Don't use 2222 port. That port for ESMC https://support.eset.com/kb3608/ Not so long ago that kb help me with u issue.
  2. opa-pro

    Nod32 Linux v4

    I have one small question - Why is not implemented updating the build with a simple click, without install over the top? Or repository debian/ ubuntu Thanks for the time
  3. reboot and that not work... and more reboot disable Virtualbox network adapter and now work...
  4. Do we understand correctly that without access to the eset infrastructure based on external servers, the send wake-up function does not work?Customers are not very happy with this fact, maybe we have the opportunity to use a third-party solution for this function?
  5. opa-pro

    ERA VA 6.7 to ESMC7 VA

    Check what happens on the machine through the webmin. https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/webmin_others.html
  6. opa-pro

    ESET Security Management Center 7 license

    Yep, you can upgrade without new license.
  7. Hey all! May be me ? please....
  8. opa-pro

    ERA VA - Missing ODBC driver

    Hey have a solution for thet error LoadAll: Group record is missing guard?