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Minor annoyance/room for improvement with ESMC 7

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I'm very used to ESMC 7 now and have used it enough to find little things that are annoyances and in my opinion could vastly improve the product. One of those items is the situation where you are in a Dynamic Group such as Windows Desktops or Windows Servers and you need to view the details of a computer. Once you are done viewing the details, you click Close or Back. But it doesn't take you back to the Dynamic Group you were viewing, it takes you back to the top level of your groups. That is not what "Close" or "Back" intuitively means. It should take you back to the Dynamic Group you were viewing. The product is already VERY click-heavy and this just adds to it. That is a recurring theme I have seen mentioned by more than one person about ESET ERA 6.x and ESMC 7.

Thanks for considering this.

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