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Product update failed,Invalid digital signature error.


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Hello Team,

Problem:Product update failed,Invalid digital signature error occurred.

we have facing update failed error in ESET Endpoint Security V.7 when we update eset through mirror server.


-Create new mirror update server but same problem.

-also reinstall EES client but same issue occurred.

-EES display update successfully but it display error message on gui.

-if we clear cache of update problem resolved but after some time again error display.

Find attached ESET Log Collector logs and Error screenshot.



Update Error.png


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First I'd try updating from ESET's servers directly. If you can reproduce the issue, then carry on as follows, otherwise we'll need the content of the mirror as well as a pcap log generated by Wireshark from time when the mirror is being created:
- in the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics enable advanced update engine and network protection logging
- run update
- stop logging
- gather current logs with ESET Log Collector.

Do you use a Fortinet firewall by chance?

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