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Using Licence Manager

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I have a Licence Manager account, we want to manage our licence ourselves and not pay high fees each time a contractor (same one each time) does simple tasks for us. But as many devices have the licence activated under a different account I cannot do anything about them. The whole thing is a bit of a shemozzle at present and I want to get it all cleaned up so we can maintain it all. So how can I deactivate devices or occurrences that were activated by another user? Do I need a higher level access than security manager?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, @Busselton RSL

When you refer to "License Manager" do you mean "ESET License Administrator" ?

Also, when you refer to "Security Manager", do you mean "Security Admin" Account?

If the answer for both of my questions is yes, you can deactivate / reactivate each of the computers by "license key". Or you can migrate your license to "ESET Business Account", which is a successor to ELA, where you will have full control over the license. That moment, license will be removed from all previously associated ESET License Administrator accounts.

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