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Eset update failures

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Good day!

I have not found any info on here on this, so I thought I would ask. When performing a remote upgrade via the admin console, on some machines I get this error/Warning.


upgrade processing error, error code 7,-112

is anyone familiar with clearing this up?

Thank you for your time!


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Hello Jonathan MacAlpine

I don't know if I am too much help, but I think to remember that "upgrade processing error, error code:(7,-112)" means a connection problem...

Regards Janus

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I think Janus is right, have you checked all the settings in the clients to make sure they are using the correct ports and the ERA server address is correct ?

Make sure the license info is also null as that needs to be in ERA, not the client.

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Hey SweX

....and it helps a bit that I play guitar too, but I can't manage the good look from Janis Joplin :D:P   (I had to Google her)


See you SweX....

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Ugh, fixed.



Sorry Janus, not a mistake in knowing, but a typo, you know that lol.


Haha don't say Ugh, it was a great typo.  ;)


@Janus, I thought most people knew who she's was, but maybe not, we have to remember that she died at the age of 27 in 1970.(Yes I checked Wikipedia on that) So it's a long time ago and both you and I were born way later I reckon. But you have surely heard songs by her on the Radio or TV several times without knowing it. 


But enough about Janis now, I don't even like her music  :P


Back to the topic and wait for Jonathan to chime in again...

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