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Some Bugs in V 7.0.577

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Hi Dears

We upgrade the console woth Task From 7.0.553 to 7.0.577

There is 2 problem :

1- Agent is still report that both server version is installed.

2- Windows update error will not clear in alerts while we disable Windows update via policy.




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After Upgrading console File Security EGUI display a windows update alert ( While the update is disabled in policy) We click dismiss and this error remain.

For first problem we uninstall old version from uninstall task and it removed !!!

For second problem we upgrade FS to newest version and the alert removed.

But it seems that these are bugs .

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On 11/17/2018 at 2:30 PM, kamiran.asia said:

it seems that v7.0.553 is still in program list !



Again in another project this problem happened !

in 50% of projects when we upgrade using task the old version remain in program list. If we uninstall it the console will remov and we must install it again manually.


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