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ESET mail security for Exchange - Installation

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Hi, I want to try the ESET mail security program but I don't find any info for installation with multiple Exchange server.

I have 3 Exchange 2013 servers, 1 CAS and 2 MBX in DAG mode.

Did I need to install on both MBX or only one is ok? if only one, on the backup database server or on the live?

And if it's on both server, I configure one and after that I export config and import on the second one?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello @Guillaume Chartrand,

you can install EMSX on all of them as you have license to cover the seats i.e. mailboxes in this case.

See question 10 in https://support.eset.com/en_EN/kb2404/?locale=en_EN&viewlocale=en_US 

Those resources might be helpful for you as well:



Regards, P.R.

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