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ERA V6 -> ESMC V7 | Unable to send wake-up, applied policies do not indicate as such

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Performed the ESMC upgrade yesterday and ran into a few growing pains.  Please advise if there are known solutions.

Upgrade as per the KB went without any major issues.  Restoring the keystore and server.xml files was preventing me from accessing the console.  Omitting this step and everything appeared to be working fine.   Contacted ESET and spoke with support - it was determined that this step is not necessary for my deployment.  So far so good.

Having a little trouble updating the agents from 6.5 to 7 (it's leaving both versions and the 'stop managing' task breaks everything) but i've managed to get around that by manual uninstall and then reinstall from a new agent installer created in ESMC.

Here is what I am currently troubleshooting:

I can not send a wake-up call to any machine.  When I try to, I am greeted with this pop-up message:


Also, in the Computers list, it is showing random machines as having a policy applied and others without any policy.  I did verify looking at the local config on a machine that does not show a policy applied that yet, it actually is, it just isn't reporting as such.  None of the machines that I have more than 1 policy applied to indicate as such.

Anyone have any ideas about these two hiccups?

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Checking firewall logs, I do not see any connections to epns.eset.com or anything over port 8883.  I do see the ESMC server sending a broadcast packet to udp/9

Regarding the issue with policies not displaying correct status - they actually were.  I just noticed that somehow I managed to knock almost every machine out of their group.  Adding machines back to the respective groups, the applied policies (by group) are now indicating the correct status.

So the one remaining issue is the wake-up call thing.

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