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VLC Stream in local network

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I've tried to stream a video file in my private network. With the VLC player. It only worked if I have uninstalled ESET on the stream serving PC. But I think I just have to understand ESET correct to do this without uninstalling, right? Can someone tell me how to set this? I already disabled the ESET firefall in private network in the firsts tests. The PC which should display the stream (client VLC) has yet ESET installed.

System: Win 10

ESET Internet Security



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Did you configure your network as home/office when detected after installation of EIS? You can check that in the advanced setup -> Firewall -> Known networks.

If that's not an issue, run the firewall troubleshooting wizard which will give you a list of recently blocked communications with an option to create the appropriate permissive rule easily.

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Hi Marcos,

my network was set to "windows settings" (in german Windows Einstellungen). I changed it to "home/office" (Heim-oder Büronetzwerk) on both PCs.

Blocked comunications:

- Windows Media Player Sharing.

- VLC media Player

- PCxyz (the PC which should view the stream)

I've unblocked the communication of the VLC and the PCxyz. Now I can watch the stream.

Thank you very much for the fast an accurate support. Only problem is I can't watch a webcam stream, but I think it is a VLC configuration problem.


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