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ESET Antispam now included with NOD32 Antivirus??


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I am running ESET NOD32 antivirus version on a Windows 10 Pro PC.  That's the only ESET product I have.Today I have noticed that within my Outlook 2010 email client it has added a new folder to each IMAP account, named "ESET Antispam". I don't want this, and furthermore when I check the settings in my NOD32 product there is no mention of an Antispam option. I've also checked your product description for the latest version of NOD32 and again it does not say that anyAntispam product or module is included with this product. Can  anyone explain what's goin on?

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On 06/04/2018 at 8:35 AM, Marcos said:

Please upgrade to the latest version which has it fixed.

I tried updating it today via the normal Update option within the ESET window but it told me that version was the latest update available. Assuming the very latest update was still not available through the automated update process, I then completely uninstalled my existing version, rebooted my PC, and ran the live ESET software installer again. After wasting approx 30 mins on this whole process, I am now bemused and frustrated to find that the latest version it has installed is STILL v!! 

What is going on, and how can I successfuly ensure I get the latest version as you have suggested?

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