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Currently there is few servers in our client premise could not receive the Virus Signature Database Update. The error is following

ESET File Security v4.5 -  Update Information is not consistent
ESET File Security v6.5 -  Its updating, but the file name is index.html (So when update finish the update number still remained the old patches version)

Server OS :
1. Window Server 2008 R2
2. Window Server 2003

Action taken so far :
1. Uninstall ESET File Security (using both method normal uninstallation & using ESET Uninstaller Tool)
2. Reinstall ESET File Security  (Still receive the same error message after new installation)

Any idea how to outcome this update problem




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Most likely a proxy server is serving an html code with a notice instead of the actual content of update.ver. Check proxy settings and make sure that the machine is allowed to connect to ESET's servers.

Also I'd strongly recommend uninstalling EFSW 4.5 and installing EFSW 6.5. V4 is very old and is not intended for modern server systems either.

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