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I'm looking at adding a VPN. I have a Windows 7 PC and a couple Apple devices. What's your favorite VPN and why is it your favorite? 

What VPN would you Not use and why?

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Never actually felt the need to use a VPN personally. So cant really recommend any.

This review gives a bit of info and shows you how many devices you can have on each service, price etc, and might narrow down a decent one for you :)


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I highly recommend F-Secure Freedome VPN. It is fast and from a reputable company. They offer 50% special time to time. I know for sure Black Friday they offer this. Follow them on Twitter so you don't miss the deal. Stay away from Avira Phantom VPN. It is slow.

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It depends a bit on how experienced you are and for what reasons you want to use a VPN.

Not every VPN is good. And you always have to trust a companies promise that they are not logging any of your browsing habbits. You can hide your IP (some VPNs do that better than others), and hide your browsing from your ISP but be clear that the VPN you‘re using is potentially able to record everything. So it‘s a matter of trust.

Just write a few words what‘s your intention to use a VPN. I might recommend you some good sites reviewing VPNs.

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You also may want to have a closer look at those sites:



I think they are quite informative and tell some interesting things about privacy.


In my opinion a good VPN:

- should not log your traffic, IP adress, DNS requests 

- and should not have any contradictory logging policies

- should use strong encryption

- uses OpenVPN protocol

- should have IP-Leak protection, DNS leak protection

- offers anonymous sign-up  

- is still fast enough

Just a few points to think about. 


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There's more to a VPN than just pricing. So you must check out the specific VPN features while signing up with any of these services. I haven't experienced any issues concerning speed with my current provider (AceVPN) as of now, but I know that I must wait a little longer before I get a vivid picture.

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-Free for Windows OS and iOS. Unlimited devices

-Free offers 10gb which resets every month.

-You can find vouchers on giveaways to increase it to 50-60 gb

- You can also find good deals for a lifetime license.

- They also offer an extension with adblocking and tracker blocking

Here you can see comparisons between Windscribe and other well-known VPNs



Which one I wouldn't use?

- Hotspot Shield

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Thanks to everyone who responded:). I knew the collective experience of the forum members would provide me with much to consider. ^_^ 

Should anyone have anything to add please feel free.

Thanks again! It is much appreciated.


3.8.18....I also found a similar thread over at Wilders...so I have much to review.

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