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Eset apache http proxy behind corporate proxy

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Hi everyone,

I just configured the eset http proxy behind a corporate proxy (on the same vm with an eset-proxy for clients from another location), of course with same change in config file (I added this line in the bottom ProxyRemote * hxxp://proxy:port in order to work well with corporate proxy) and the Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6.6 is finally updating (as we used folder mirror until now).

I have 4 question about this eset apache http proxy:

1. Is it mandatory to use eset apache http proxy if we have already a corporate proxy in place?

2. The cache folder from apache http proxy installation folder shoudn't be populated with updates? For the moment it is empty!

3. Why is a lot of traffic going to a.c.eset.com? What is this eset subdomain?

4. If eset apache http proxy is creating cache locally why I see each time when I deploy a new eset antivirus 6.6 traffic through the proxy to update.eset.com?


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Hello Bogdan.

1. No the use of proxy is not mandatory at all, it is used for saving Internet traffic so in case you have corporate proxy with caching on, you do not need the ESET Apache http proxy

2. The proxy cache should contain the cached files if it is working properly

3. The list of domains used by our products is listed in this KB article https://support.eset.com/kb332/

4. The update.ver file containing metadata about the updates has no cache policy set so clients always download in from our servers, only the update data files should be cached.

Regards, P.R.

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