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  1. Hi everyone, I just configured the eset http proxy behind a corporate proxy (on the same vm with an eset-proxy for clients from another location), of course with same change in config file (I added this line in the bottom ProxyRemote * hxxp://proxy:port in order to work well with corporate proxy) and the Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6.6 is finally updating (as we used folder mirror until now). I have 4 question about this eset apache http proxy: 1. Is it mandatory to use eset apache http proxy if we have already a corporate proxy in place? 2. The cache folder from apache http proxy installation folder shoudn't be populated with updates? For the moment it is empty! 3. Why is a lot of traffic going to a.c.eset.com? What is this eset subdomain? 4. If eset apache http proxy is creating cache locally why I see each time when I deploy a new eset antivirus 6.6 traffic through the proxy to update.eset.com? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I searched in Eset documentation what exactly mean and is doing all HIPS settings but didn't find something concrete. Can someone from eset team or some member which is really using HIPS to tell exactly what do each HIPS basic and advance settings? Thanks P.S. I tried to use since early version of era 6 but didn't worked properly. Once with version 6.5 I observed that HIPS is mandatory but I observed that some users are complaining about slowness of computers. I deactivated for the moment since 1 week and looks like people are not complaining anymore :)).
  3. Thank you, the current mirror is created since version 6.1 from Eset File Security (From Advance setup - Update - Profiles - Mirror - Create update mirror) on each era6proxy server which is used as update server for local computers from each location. I didn't used commandline mirror tool. Is it ok my setup? Thanks
  4. Hi @Marcos, I'll need to swap my infrastructure from mirror to http proxy solution if I want to upgrade the clients to 6.6 version? My current infrastructure is working very well with mirrors as I have 6 location around the world and the era6-mainserver is connected to take updates from internet and is set as mirror for proxy locations. Also my era6-proxyservers are set as local mirror for each location computers. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, Since a while a new static OU appeared in the era6 web interface named AD - Syncronized with the whole hierarchy of the domain. Now we have the domain with its static OUs and also a parent named AD - Syncronized which is a copy of our domain hierarchy and of course that 95% of the moved from domain hierarchy in the new hierarchy named AD - Syncronized (this is a copy of our domain hierarcy). All eset policies applied to our domain are not applied to AD - Synchronized unfortunatelly. Is there a solution about how can we resolve this? Thanks
  6. Hi MartinK, I reverted to a snapshot and proceed again with manual upgrade and now was working perfect at first look. Next week I'll check all the features and settings to be sure that everything is ok. Thanks
  7. Hi MartinK, The issue with this error was that I didn't copied the config staupconfiguration.ini (in the documentation at prerequisites is putting to bakcup but on the manual upgrade part is not saying that you need to copy it back) but still can't access the web interface is saying Login failed: Connection has failed with state 'Not connected'. Do you have any tips for the issue with not connecting on the web interface? One error found on the last error log html page from Logs folder [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Invalid object name 'tbl_log_apps_installed_status'. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I upgraded manually to the new version of era (from 6.4 to 6.5) and during the installation I received an error that said the the EraServerSvc can't be started (this service was modifiied from version 6.1 to start with domain\administrator user)and to check if I have enough privileges I clicked on retry and the upgrade was successfully. After this I started the tomcat and waited a while and I said to try to connect on the web interface. I can see the webinterface but when I put the username and the password is not connecting. I checked the server and surprise the EraServerSvc service is not started and when I try to start it manually I receive the following error (please check the attach). Please let me know how can I resolve this issues! I tried to run the installer again and to select repair but is asking me for a user and password database even if I select DB with windows authentication. Thanks
  9. I'm referring on computer which are in Lost & Found. I move them in the static groups but after sync with AD they are moved back in Lost & Found. As another user said, is there any possibility to avoid this issue? (that after resync with AD the computers which was moved in some static groups to remain there?) Thanks
  10. Is there any possibility to move/stick permanently to a static group the computers from Lost & Found ? Thanks
  11. I recommend you to upgrade first. On my side worked well after upgrade and computers without microsoft kb installed didn't freeze.
  12. Hi everyone, Sorry if I'm off-topic but I have a little issue regarding web access protection. This option in disabled and when I want to enable it is saying Not available and I can't do anything. Please let me know how can I resolve this issue? This issue is present only on a few pcs (around 30) Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, On some computer the Web access protection and Anti-Phising disabled is disabled and can't be enabled. The policy from era 6 has this options enabled but is very weird why of some pc is desactivated and can't be activated. Please let me know what can I do. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, I installed antivirus from ERA server - Eset Antivirus 6.2.2. Some users with windows 8.1 are complaining that they lost internet connection from time to time. I checked the browsers and I couldn't access any webpage but when I tried to ping google.com from cmd I received reply. Do you have a resolution for this? Thanks
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