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ssl scanning - thunderbird / outlook 2016

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Excuse me if this has been dealt with, as i am a bit confused.

Should i leave SSL scanning option on?  This PC uses Outlook 2106,  -  my other PC uses Thunderbird.

if i have to set my email program & or Browser (Firefox), do i have to have them properly configured?  and if so, how do i properly configure them.  (yes - i know this is a Mozilla issue - however, i want to properly use Eset with Mozilla).

One site (not Eset) told me to shut off SSL scanning?

Thanks for any help available out there.  :)

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SSL scanning should be left on

Once you install your Eset product , your web browser or email client will be automatically protected with its default settings at install.

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By default, Eset e-mail scanner will integrate with Outlook, Outlook Express, Win Mail, and Win Live Mail only.

It will also scan Thunderbird e-mail. However, you should verify that after installing Eset that it has imported its cert. from Windows root CA cert. store into the corresponding root CA cert in Thunderbird. If the cert. is not installed in Thunderbird, you will have to manually import it to able to  scan incoming encrypted e-mail.

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2 hours ago, jems said:

Thank you itman.  How do i go about doing the above.  appreciate your answer - just need guidance.

The easiest way to verify if Eset is scanning Thunderbird e-mail is to do the following. Note: for this to be accurate, you need to have new e-mail waiting on your e-mail provider server that you haven't already downloaded:

1. Open Thunderbird and select your Inbox. Let T-Bird do "its thing" and download all your waiting e-mail from your e-mail provider server. Then close Thunderbird.

2.  Left click on the Eset GUI icon on your desktop lower toolbar and select  "Protection statistics."

3. For "Antivirus and antispyprotection," click on the down arrow and select "E-mail client protection."

The e-mail client protection statistic should display a non-zero value indicating the number of e-mails it scanned. Note that this figure represents the number of new incoming e-mails from the e-mail server scanned; not all e-mail presently shown in your T-Bird Inbox. If the e-mail client protection statistic is zero, reply back for further instructions.

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