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Renewing my licence

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  • I've been using NOD32 for a few years, and I'm really impressed by eset for making such a powerful, yet light anti-virus. 
    Since I live in Iran, we cannot directly buy any licence from the eset website, but I remember last year when I bought a new licence for my laptop, eset introduced 5-6 business partners in Iran (official authentic partners) which sold the licence in Iranian currency. But now that I'm looking to renew it, I cant find any Iranian partners on eset, in fact I cant find Iran in its middle east partners at all! I'm guessing its because of sanctions. But Im sure there were a few partners last year!
  • Anyways, im wondering how can I, or any Iranian in this matter, buy a genuine eset licence? Numerous Iranian sites are claiming to sell genuine licence online, but its hard to trust since price tags vary significantly.
  • I understand eset probably does not have official active partners here, but can we get a quote on which Iranian website are actually working with eset and sell genuine licence?
  • Not having access to genuine licence, will force us to look at other companies, or even fake/unactivated products
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