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Device is locked

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I have ESET installed on my Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile. I changed the simcard and it locked my device.


The screen is black with 'Device is locked' at the top. No password or anything is requested. 

I logged into my ESET account and the mobile was not marked as lost. I hit 'lost' and then it changed my mobile screen, and it allowed me to hit unlock and type in my password.


This returned my device to the BLACK SCREEN with 'Device is locked'


I have subsequently removed my mobile device from the anti-theft... and all I am left with is a my UNUSABLE mobile with 'device is locked'. I cannot even re-add my mobile as clicked 'Change settings' surprising does NOTHING.


This is extremely upsetting, as I cannot use my mobile and I have work!


Can you please look into this with the up-most importance! 

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56 minutes ago, Lunar said:

Managed to reboot my phone... resolved it.
Can you look into this please, it caused a major headache!

Please clarify whether you still need assistance with the issue or if you have already resolved it according to what you wrote.

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My phone was locked today. I was trying to uninstall from my phone. I installed 9 days ago. did not know unlock code , never set one up. Looked up account email and logged on eset to get the unlcok code and there was a phone I do not own anymore. My phone is not on the account. When entering unlock code its wrong everytime.Need help.

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