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Login to manage your licence fails

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My license is due to expire, but when I go to https://shop.eset.co.uk/licence/login I can't get past the login screen.
I've already had my details emailed to me, so know they are correct.

If I try by licence key, it says the key is invalid, depiste being pasted from the email i received 30 minutes ago!

If I try by username/password, the screen simply refreshes - no error, but can't get to the next stage to renew the license.

If I change the password, I get an error (as expected) which confirms that the username/password entered originally are correct.

I've tried using a different browser in case it was a cookies problem, but no change.

Any ideas?

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I may recall dragging the cursor one space past the last Key digit and the ESET page not liking that. Dragged to exact end of data and it worked.

Type the Key or be sure no extra space is pasted.

Support Pg wants Cookies Enabled to work; For fun be sure a Cookie Mgr isn't blocking anything although I doubt it prevents a Login.

When all else fails Open a Sppt Ticket:     https://www.eset.com/uk/enquiry/support/

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Thanks for the reply.  I'd checked carefully for leading or trailing spaces, so not that.

I've not got a cookie manager nor blocked any ESET cookies.

I'll be contacting support once they reopen after Christmas.

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