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Apache HTTP Proxy

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Currently we are doing ESET POC for one of our client. The ERA server is connected to proxy for access to the internet. After configuring the proxy details in  Servers Setting in ESET Remote Administrator, the ESET Repository able to work and create the all in one installer. We also had set the HTTP Proxy Policy for both product and Agent to the endpoint (ERA IP). Currently the endpoint is not receiving the update from the ERA Server. When we check in Apache HTTP Proxy folder for Cache, it was empty, didn’t store any cache for ESET Update file. My assumption here is the apache is listening to its own IP where by right its must  be configured to client’s own proxy to connect to internet and download the update file. Is there any work around for this problem 


ERA Version 6.5
Endpoint : Version 6.6
Windows Server 2012


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  • ESET Insiders

A few things you could try is to confirm that the Client machine is able to access the ERA server through the port for the Apache HTTP Proxy (default port 3128), possible confirm using telnet or the following url for your ERA Server hxxp://{eraserverIPaddress or hostname}:3128/index.html . It should display a message stating "it works!".

You may also confirm that the Apache HTTP proxy service is running on the ERA server and confirm server has access to the IP addresses listed in the following article;


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  • ESET Staff

Maybe just for the check, do you have any other machine with ESET Endpoint installed in that network which has not proxy policy applied? Does this machine receive updates?

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