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ESET File/Mail/Gateway Security for Linux versions 4.5.9 have been released

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ESET Mail Security for Linux, ESET File Security for Linux and ESET Gateway Security for Linux versions 4.5.9 are now available for download. Items in the changelog below apply to all three products.


  • Improved: Scanning capability for PAC on-access scans
  • Fixed: SMTP agent does not connect to socket after daemon restart 
  • Fixed: Scanning exclusions are not be applied in certain circumstances 
  • Fixed: Update statuses are not properly displayed in ESET Remote Administrator 
  • Fixed: In certain circumstances, ESET smfi agent does not delete malware but still displays threats as deleted 
  • Fixed: Web interface could not be opened with libssl 1.1 

Support Resources

ESET File Security 4.5 for Linux User Guide

ESET Mail Security 4.5 for Linux User Guide

ESET Gateway Security 4.5 for Linux User Guide

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