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Failed to save Excel file when opening from a network location

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I sent an email to ESET support on 2017-08-30 but I haven't received any useful advice so far so I hope I can find some advice here. I also noticed there is a post in this forum which also related to Excel files but doesn't seems applicable to my case.


The company that I work have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit recently upgraded to ESET File Security 6.5.12010.0. The server has several shared folders so that other PC in the office can access the shared folder.

After the upgrade, we found that if we save the file right after an Excel file is opened by Microsoft Excel 2016 from a Windows 7 PC in the office (which has Microsoft Security Essentials installed), the save will failed with error message meaning The file is in use, please try again later as shown in the attached screenshot (We are using Chinese version Microsoft Office so I am not sure the actual error message in English version). If we wait for a minute or so, then we will be able to save the file without error. Before the upgrade, no users complained about this before. I also notice that the error won't appear if we open the same Excel file by Microsoft Excel 2000.

Right now we have no choice but to disable the File Open in the Scan On section in the Real-time file system protection in ESET File Security as shown in the attached screenshot in order to workaround the above problem.

I would like to see if there is any alternative or solution so that we don’t need to lower the security (disable file open scan) and still able to resolve the problem. Thanks.


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Would it be possible to temporarily uninstall EFSW and install the latest version of Endpoint 6.6.2052 just to see if it makes a difference?

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Our server is a physical server, so backup and restore is trouble compare to VM and we don't want to mess up with it for testing. At most, I can set up a VM to test it but I guess that can also be done by ESET as well. On the other hand:

  • I checked the 2 Endpoint product (Antivirus and Security), both of the didn't stated that it support Windows Server. Are we even able to install that on Windows Server OS?
  • Just assume things works if Endpoint was used, what options we had?
  • We don't have license for Endpoint (and I assume trial license is used for testing)


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