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Error: ConsoleApiModule

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I recently installed new software package updates via Webmin to both of our ERA consoles this weekend, and I'm now unable to login to ERA with domain credentials. Error is showing on login page as "Login Failed" ( I tried multiple accounts, all of which have previously logged into ERA). Local Admin accounts for ERAs are working correctly. I rejoined domain and ran some tests to verify everything was working correctly (ERA versions are both 6.5.417.0).

I rejoined the domain successfully, and then ran the following commands:

wbinfo -p  ##Ping was Successful##

wbinfo -u ##User list was returned##

wbinfo -g ##Groups list was returned##


The domain controller showed the successful connection in the logs and at that point I stopped looking at this being the potential problem. However, in looking at the ERA server trace log, I'm getting the following error after each login attempt: 

##2017-10-09 16:16:07 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7fcf28fe9700]: Untranslatable CInterModuleException: ConvertDomainUserSidToGroupsSids: 'wbinfo' failed with 1, stderr:
##failed to call wbcLookupUserSids: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND
##Could not get user's domain groups for user SID X-X-X-XX-XXXXX..........

I installed the updates via "Webmin>Software Package Updates" and also "Webmin>Software Packages". After doing some research of different portions of the error, I'm fairly certain this involves the python package and that package was installed with "Webmin>Software Packages".

Long story getting longer, I will end my post with these two questions: 

1. Where do I even start in order to attempt to fix this?

2. In order to keep the CentOS 7 back-end of the ERA up-to-date, what is the recommended procedure for doing so? I've only ever used "Webmin>Software Package Updates" and this was the first time I happened to install what was under "Webmin>Software Packages", which I'm assuming that Python package is the cause of my issue.


Thanks in advance for all the help. Hopefully this won't be too difficult to fix. Fingers crossed.   

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