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Transparency of display cannot be turned off

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Hi guys.  I've been a Smart Security user for a few years now and I find it works ridiculously easily.  I'm using SS 9.0.408.0 as I'm a WinXP SP3 luddite and Version 10 isn't compatible.  Everything has been fine up until now but recently I've developed an irritating display glitch.

On opening the Smart Security Control dialogue from the taskbar icon it appears virtually transparent.  I know this is pretty self explanatory but I've attached a pic of the situation. If I click and drag the dialogue it remains transparent while moving but when it is released it appears normal. i.e. with no transparency issue, for about a second then goes back to partial transparency again.  The only area which does not suffer from this problem is Advanced Setup which is always fully displayed.  I know there is a transparency setting taking values of 0-80 in the Advanced Setup dialogue but this makes no difference to this issue.

Am I missing something simple here or is there something in my Windows setup which is causing Eset SS a problem?


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ESET's gui is not transparent at all and the transparency cannot be configured either. I assume that you have some 3rd party application installed that can change transparency for application windows.

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