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  1. Hi guys. We have Internet Security in on two separate machines, one Win10 and the other Win7, both using Chrome and both have this same problem. Very occasionally we may get a potentially vulnerable site opening in a secure browser via Eset. Most of the time we do not get that and the site opens in the current instance of Chrome. This is for obvious monetary sites like Paypal and Halifax Banking etc. Sites are accessed from Lastpass password manager. (Yes, it's going in favour of Eset's manager as soon as the current licences run out and I upgrade). I searched in the f
  2. Well!!! I pushed the app download by repeatedly waiting for it to fail and then resuming it so it gradually picked its way across the entire download. It finished by locking up and reporting that it only had 2.8MB then after a couple of minutes it suddenly decided it had the whole 4.8MB file. What do I know? The app has collected its logfiles but I'm not sure they will contain anything useful yet as I am not sure what order to do all of this in. It will not upload to the site as the .zip is 250MB. I obviously left logging on too long even though it was only for the duration of the pa
  3. Pinging the eset server by name I mentioned above, updf5.wip.eset.com gets a mixture of 31/32ms responses and response timed out so the connection to it looks shaky at best. Settinbg up a display filter for "ip.addr == wupdf5.wip.eset.com" crashes Wireshark consistently and that is something I have never known.
  4. I'm still trying to get my hands on the Log Collector app at the moment. Of course it is a download and it took over 5mins to show as 0.1MB of 4.8MB. It trickled along for a long while so I persevered. Then it also failed! Judging by the activity on my router which was going crazy, there is something somewhere which is choking the life out of my connection. I now have every other device on the network switched off but my own PC and the traffic has calmed down a bit but is still pretty active. My current situation is that the download of Log Collector app has failed at just over 1MB.
  5. I'm sorry Marcos, I've misled you by typing faster than I can think. The update was originally only somewhere around 340kB not MB! My apologies for misleading you like that. That's why it was such a surprise to take so long in picking up a few kB at a time every couple of minutes. I've just done another restart and tried it again with the same result. I get a yellow "Attention required" warning with "Modules update failed" under it then when I click on "Update modules" it tries but comes back with "File not found on server". I've just booted up an older Win7 machine I have with Eset
  6. Hi. I have found references to this problem but they don't seem to have any solution to my own version. I have had no problems at all with internet connectivity until today. Eset IS identified an update and I started it. It reported the total update would be about 340MB. The machine ground to a halt in terms of all internet activity. The update crawled along, and I mean crawled, at a few kB at a time with no HDD activity to speak of until after about 30mins at about 40% completed it failed. I tried again and the same thing happened, then again. However I did notice that each
  7. Thanks Itman, I've asked that now and the guys over there at Mozilla are aware of it too and pondering. I've also checked whether there is a Black Friday folder on the server as you suggested Marcos, I'm afraid there isn't. While I was logged in via the web interface I took the original Banggood email which was still there and forwarded it on to myself again. It came through and opened the dialogue box with the warning about no folder being present and simply posted itself in the root Inbox. This is beginning to look like "user error" in some way though it mystifies me how I could set
  8. The folder did not exist yesterday though Marcos and has been created by this process which is the worrying thing. I definitely had no Black Friday folder prior to these emails arriving and they were the only two new emails when I checked the PC. It also showed up as "unaccessed" by being there in Bold the same as the emails. My thought was that perhaps the Thunderbird rule was capable of recreating the missing folder when it was triggered. The Spam filter in Thunderbird shows no references either black or white to Banggood. There are no cookies stored which relate to Banggood. It is
  9. Hi. I run ESET Internet Security which is kept up to date and permanently running. I use Mozilla Thunderbird mail client managing accounts with Hotmail and Clara. I have just come on to my PC to check emails and found two new ones from Banggood. This is not unusual as I occasionally use them for oddities so don't blacklist them. What was odd and worrying is that these emails showed up in a brand new folder called "Black Friday". I did not create this nor did my wife who is the only other potential user. This folder and both of the emails were listed in bold showing they had not been
  10. Well Duuuuhhhhh for me! You've seen stupid people doing this stupid thing very stupidly before haven't you? You're absolutely right, I had installed the Premium version which isn't what my licence covers. Thanks for clearing that up for me, you're a star. Now to address the 1001 other things that will have gone wrong with an OS upgrade, (including, I suspect, expensive hardware upgrades this time as everything I have which still does its job perfectly now seems to be unsupported in Win10).
  11. Hi. I'm in the tooth pulling throes of upgrading my machine to Win10 from WinXP which requires a complete new install. I now have Win10 up and running and the first thing I've tried to do is to get ESET Smart Security Suite installed but the licence key gets refused. It's the same machine running on exactly the same hardware with the exception of a new SSD for the OS, just an updated OS installation. Surely my licence has not become invalid has it?
  12. Hi guys. I've been a Smart Security user for a few years now and I find it works ridiculously easily. I'm using SS 9.0.408.0 as I'm a WinXP SP3 luddite and Version 10 isn't compatible. Everything has been fine up until now but recently I've developed an irritating display glitch. On opening the Smart Security Control dialogue from the taskbar icon it appears virtually transparent. I know this is pretty self explanatory but I've attached a pic of the situation. If I click and drag the dialogue it remains transparent while moving but when it is released it appears normal. i.e. with no t
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