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ERA Dynamic Group Template with Encrypted Storage devices not detecting OSX devices

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I've setup a Dynamic Group Template with the following Expression 

Storage devices . Storage encryption status  IN encrypted 

and it's working fine with detection of Windows 10 devices but not showing any OSX device (I'm pretty sure those have storage encryption enabled). What can I do?

BTW the filter reads "Storage ecryption (sic) status" in the web appliance.

Thanks for your help

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately this functionality (=detection of disk encryption) is currently not available on OSX platforms -> status is reported as "Unknown" regardless of real state.

It will be reported as an issue and hopefully fixed for upcoming release.

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  • Administrators

ERA v7 is preliminary planned for release towards the end of the year. However. at this point we cannot 100% confirm that the issue will be addressed in the first v7 release.

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