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free up seats/license


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I a bit taken back. I have Eset 5.2, endpoint, and security. We have had lost pc, broken pc, and exchagned pcs. I then find that the only way to free up the license count or seats (business license of 200), is to 1. run remote install, with remove eset. 2. remove eset from local machine. That turns out cannot be done to some that are gone. It may have been nice to know this before hand that ERA 5.2 and earlier did not have that abiility, and that simply deleting the pc was not the same... 

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I ran into this issue several months ago.  Licenses kept getting used even when ESET quit working and we had to reactivate etc.  You have to login to the ESET account portal with your license key.  Uninstalling the software doesn't necessarily remove the license.  You have to login to this site ela.eset.com   You have to login to the top portion with your license key and hit manage license.  Logging in to the bottom portion with your email and password will only show you a total number of licenses used but won't let  you deactivate them.  Once you do that you will be able to free up licenses.  

Hope that helps.


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The OP still uses the old ERA v5 and Endpoint v5 that are not managed via ELA and therefore cannot "eat" seats if a computer stops reporting to ERA and is replaced with a new one. In such case, it's enough to delete such computers from ERA as it allows to manages only the number of computers specified in a license file.

I'd strongly recommend upgrading to ERA v6 and Endpoint v6 which also provides better protection especially on Windows 10.

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