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Auslogics - again

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Sorry to harp on about this, but please can someone advise on how I make a *permanent* exclusion for something that ESET classes as a PUA but which I feel is unfounded. Every day my file gets scanned and shows an alert; every day I say "no action". Rinse and repeat.

I've now resorted to deleting the utility and will simply re-download it when I need it, but that is NOT the solution. There must be a way in EEA or ERA to exclude this alert type or marking the file as safe. i don't really want to use path names as I have several copies/versions of this file.


Many thanks




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Thanks Marcos, I've configured that but it doesn't seem to want to work for me. Hopefully the screenshots show how I have defined the policy, and I have confirmed that the policy has been applied.



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The threat name must be entered as


We plan to improve this in future versions (likely in v7) so that the detection name does not have to have "@NAME=" prepended.

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