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EAV-program-window pops up on every start

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Please drop me a pm with ELC logs attached. For instructions how to use ELC, see the appropriate KB linked in my signature.

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I thought it could be a link to egui.exe in the run key but that doesn't seem to be the case. Unfortunately, I have no clue what else could be causing this behavior so if you want to troubleshoot the issue further, I'd recommend contacting your local customer care and providing them with both ELC and Procmon boot logs.

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Hello Marcos,

many thanks for your answer.
After many attempts I have solved the problem.

What did not work:

  • repair of the program
  • installation of the update 10.1.210 over the existing installation (10.0.390)

I had to uninstall the old version (10.0.390) completely (including all files which remained after the uninstall).
Then I made a new and clean installation with the live installer (10.1.210).
Since then I have no problems.

I found remarkably:

  1. the system was restored by means of an image
  2. afterwards the program (10.0.390) made an update of the virus definitions
  3. the system was restarted
  4. EAV-program-window pops up on every start

All in all, EAV works again after the clean install and the EAV-program-window does not appear when Windows starts.

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