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Question about the tick all box

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This might sound like a dumb quesiton, but making an assumption here could be catastrophic and I know ESET 6 is still a continuing WIP.

I have several full pages of 100 units to deactive due to old check-in times. I want to use the tick all boxes button at the top, but I fear that it could potentially be checking everything. When I click the next page boxes are unticked, but they are also unticked when i go back to the page I used it on.

When I hit deactivate button on a couple machines, I notice I get no count of how many machines I am deactivating in the warning.

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Are you using ELA or ERA to deactivate? http://support.eset.com/kb5957/ I assume ELA, I am asking about this behavior --to be clear, you are selecting the check box next to "device" which "selects all", and want to know if that selects only the devices visible on the current list of devices?

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