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Hello forum users!

Today we are announcing a brand new feature on our forum – Reputation ranks.

For quite some time we wanted to have a system that would automatically mark content posted by reputable users, so that it would gain trustworthiness in the eyes of anyone who reads the posts.

By launching Reputation ranks we not only achieve that, but they also serve as a motivation for you, our users, to reach higher levels and have a more prestigious rank next to your username.

The ranks are awarded automatically based on the number of Kudos you have earned from other users (whether it was for posting an interesting link, or a solution to an issue somebody experienced).
Thus, we also encourage you to use the voting system and award a Kudo when you see a quality post. There is no limit on the Kudos you may give and it lets the user know their post was interesting or helpful – it’s basically saying ‘thanks’ – and you may help somebody reach the next rank as well!

With that being said, here are the actual ranks and their Kudo ranges:

Kudos Rank
2500+ Grandmaster
1000-2499 Master
500-999 Wiseman
250-499 Senior Advisor
100-249 Advisor
50-99 Consultant
20-49 Senior Contributor
10-19 Contributor
6-9 Rising star
2-5 Trainee
1 Novice
0 Newcomer

After some time, we will evaluate the usefulness of this feature and we may also ask you to provide your feedback in a short survey.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our forum!


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