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Single ERA 6 for multiple customers

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is it possible to manage multiple customers from a single ERA 6 console? We take care about several customers (in total slightly above 1000 endpoints) and we want to connect all clients to single console located in our datacentre or Azure. I do not expect any technical issue, but what about licences?

How many data and how often in transmitted to console? We are afraid of flooding our internet connectivity or firewall with EAV traffic.





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Should be no problem for 1000 endpoints.  Check out their Infrastructure Sizing guide, hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?infrastructure_sizing.htm


I currently have around 5,000 clients on one server in our datacenter, and I will probably add another 3,000 or so.  A lot will depend on how often you set your clients to check-in.  I have mine running at 10 minutes, and I would say the traffic is fairly minimal.  

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  • ESET Staff

We have commissioned an independent TEST with AV comparatives, to basically demonstrate superior position of ESET, related to the overall network footprint. It could help you to eliminate any doubts.


Also, the scenario you are describing is pretty common for our MSP partners, which are often running one ERA (either in their own data-center, or somewhere in the cloud (like Azure)).

Concerning licenses, you can easily bring licenses from all of your customers (if you are an existing re-seller), or contact your local ESET distributor, about ESET MSP offering, where you can switch your licenses to a cost-efficient monthly-billing model. For more details, please check:  https://www.eset.com/int/business/partner/msp/

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