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ESET Banking & Payment Protection won't start

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Since the last two days, ESET Banking & Payment Protection does not work. When I activate it (either manually or by trying to access my bank's site), it gives the following error:

(see attached file ESET-BUg-1.png)

I restarted Firefox and tried again. Same message.

I cleared all history and cache and tried again. Same Message.

Firefox is updated to latest stable version, i.e., 51.0.1 (32-bit).

On clicking 'Close Firefox' button in the above message, it then throws this message.

(see attached file ESET-BUg-2.png)

I have no idea what this means. My normal Firefox windows and tabs are working just fine.

Hoping an admin here can help. Thanks.



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Does it work with IE? Does temporarily disabling HIPS and restarting the computer make a difference? We'll need a Process Monitor log as well as logs from ESET Log Collector for analysis. For instructions how to generate them, see the links in my signature.

When done, upload the logs to a safe location and pm me a download link.

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Hi Marcos,

I opened the link for Log Collector in your signature, and noticed an Alert similar to the problem I was facing.


I followed the steps in there and now its working again. Thanks.

However, this has led me to a different issue.

The issue is, while most of my banking/payment portals work fine when I disable ESET B&P Protection altogether from the settings OR choose to open them in a regular browser by configuring the same in the settings, one of my bank's website refuses to work outside ESET's secure browser instance, even when I have disabled B&P Protection from settings and/or chosen to open the Bank's website in a regular browser. I am not comfortable giving out further details about my bank here, so I was wondering if you can help me troubleshoot the same in PM.

Thanks again.

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I have exactly the same issue as Lezboyd above.  ESET banking security worked initially with Firefox 64bit (my default browser) in Win10.

Then a month ago it started to get very slow to load - like 'go out & make a cup of tea while you're waiting' slow. Bad enough, but I could then leave the ESET window open for use with other accounts later.

However, since APRIL 1, I have the same issue as Lezboyd. Can't open ESET secure browser in Firefox at all.

I performed the change as suggested on hxxp://support.eset.com/alert6383/ .  No different.  I then refreshed Firefox with a new default profile. No change. I then removed Firefox totally using Control Panel & deleted all Mozilla entries in \AppData & then re-installed the latest version of Firefox from scratch creating another new profile. (Admittedly I did not check whether Mozilla references were deleted from Win10 registry.)  But still no change.

All other Firefox services & performance are running as normal.

Secure banking still works fine with Chrome & MS-Edge but everything else on our PC is set up to run through Firefox.



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