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Getting ransomware protection on NOD32 v.8


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Yes, it should work. However, since the rules block also legitimate operations, you may encounter issues when attempting to run legitimate scripts for instance. I'd strongly recommend upgrading to v10 which includes ransomware protection for monitoring process behavior and detect potential ransomware.

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26 minutes ago, novice said:

Can you clarify, please?

Script-Based Attack Protection

Detects attacks by malicious scripts that try to exploit Windows PowerShell. You can specify rules for system registry, active processes and programs to fine-tune your security plan.

For more information including compatible browsers and other system requirements, see the Script-Based Attacks Protection topic. 

Ref.: http://support.eset.com/kb3753/#ScriptProtection

Ransomware can be delivered using packed and obfuscated Powershell scripts that uncloak and execute in memory. If you are using Win 10, Eset version 10 can detect and examine such scripts for malicious behavior.

Additionally, Eset version 10 running on Win 10 employs an early launch antimalware driver(ELAM) that enables it to launch at boot time prior to other processes. This allows it to not only to protect its own kernel process but to examine other processes for malicious behavior as they load. 

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