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Trying to create a recovery USB using Lucid Puppy Linux 5.28  and Eset for linux to scan infected PC's. I have read that people have managed to get Nod32 running but no instruction how they managed to do it. I managed to get past the missing awk message during installation by creating a symbolic link with gawk.


ln -s /bin/gawk /usr/bin/awk


it installs but does not seem to run, does anyone know what else needs to be done to get it working?


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I beleve these files are needed:


(1) check whether @esets link is in /etc/init.d

     (points to /opt/eset/esets/etc/init.d/esets)

(2) /root/Startup/esets_gui


(3) I found it also in /root/my-applications/bin/esets_gui on my Puppy


(esets_gui is copied from /opt/eset/esets/bin/esets_gui; link would probably do the thing, too)


I'm not 100% sure now which of (2) and (3) is *the* one. Try it :-)



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