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ESS 10 + Bandicam crash.

Guest Morgan

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Hi all.


Im having a bit of a problem with ESS 10 and its new Webcam Protection. 

When I try to record from webcam source in Bandicam (ver I get a popup from ESS asking me if it should allow/block access.

As soon as i click anything within that window screen freezes and I get a popup message from windows that ESS has stopped responding. 

Screen becomes unresponsive afterwards and I need to reboot to get PC running again.


I haven't encountered this issue with any other app (to be fair I tested it only with Skype & AMCap).

Event Log shows a generic Application Hanged (egui.exe stopped responding) entry in it but there are no details.


Any ideas other than switching Webcam Protection off?


PS> I would have been nice to have a Add button next to Remove in Rules for Webcam Protection.


Thx in advance for any solutions.




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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Morgan,

can you please enable the Full dumps in the Advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics and reproduce the crash?

If successful please send me a private message with link to the dump and output from ESET Log Collector so we can check it.

Regards, P.R.

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