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oymlgoleopw user account

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I don't know if this has something to do with ESET 7 Beta but days after when I updated and tried a version of ESET Smart Security 7 Beta I've noticed that there is another user account named oymlgoleopw in my log-on screen.  I've tried deleting the account thrice but it keeps coming back whenever I reboot.  I did full scan the system couple of times but eset cannot detect anything.  I am running a Home Premium 64-bit OS and I would like to ask any information about this User Account. Thanks.

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  • ESET Staff


What you're seeing might be the phantom account created by ESET Anti-Theft. Near the end of this article you'll find a definition of the feature. It basically exists so that in the event that your device is lost or stolen, the thief is auto-logged in to the phantom account that does not have access to your sensitive materials. It typically takes the name "John" but maybe there was a glitch in your case that caused it to choose such an odd name.


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I already have a phantom account in which I edited the default given name with another name. And also, whenever I tried logging in to this 'odd' account I won't be notified by ESET through the email add I've given. Maybe this is just some worm that is circling around my system. I'll try renaming this account or if not reformatting my system and see if this will keep coming back whenever I install ESET IS 7 Beta. Thanks! :)

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I think I have the same problem you had.

On another computer I have Windows XP and eset smart security 6. I set up anti-theft and it added the account "John."

When I turned it on yesterday there was another account named "lovilmqpi."

I assumed it was mal-ware.

I did an in-depth scan of the computer with eset including the boot sector and memory options and it didn't find anything.

I updated malwarebytes and spybot search and destroy, rebooted into safe-mode and ran full scans of both.

Niether of them found a thing.

I contacted eset and they told me that this was the phantom account.

I told them I already knew about the "John" account when I set-up anti-theft.

They said it was a know issue and will be resolved in version 7.

I am not so sure. I think that they think I am just confused about the "John" account.

If this was created by eset, why did it just appear and not when I set-up anti-theft?

What would cause eset to create another account with a seemingly randomly series of letters for a name?

I think the "lovilmqpi" account was created by mal-ware.

I have deleted it, but it comes back with the same name. The most recent time it chose a different picture.

||MadMan|| if you ever log in and see this what did you find out? Did you reformat?

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I'm still waiting for ESET's confirmation whether it is theirs or some mal-ware, I did not reformat yet.


I was using ESET Smart Security 6 before and I already have a phantom account named "MadMan" in which I'm notified by Anti-Theft whenever I logged in to it.

But when I updated to 7, that "oymlgoleopw" account came out. A total of three user accounts, my own account, "MadMan" and "oymlgoleopw".

I tried deleting the last user account but it keeps coming back.

I was thinking that the "MadMan" account is a phantom from version 6 and if the "oymlgoleopw" is for 7 maybe it would be fine to delete the "MadMan", so I did. 


I only had two user accounts for two days, but not today, another user account came out named "cndqyoxf".

Is it because version 6 regenerated the phantom account with an odd name again?

Well, I wish this is just some error in eset's and not some mal-ware.

But then, I'm glad I'm not alone.  :)

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