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  1. Thanks MichalJ. I understand in regards to priority. I think if more folks were aware of this great feature ERA provides it may rise up the ladder :-)
  2. Description: Incorporate Apple Volume Purchase Program into ERA Detail: ERA has functionality to incorporate Apple DEP to manage restrictions to IOS Devices. It would be a wonderful feature to also incorporate the Apple Volume Purchase Program. Apple VPP provides a feature to manage IOS Apps deployed to IOS devices without having to configure an Apple ID. Where Apple DEP is already available within Eset ERA including Apple VPP would provide full circle MDM solution without requiring another application to manage the devices.
  3. Description: Eset Remote Administrator 6 Columns enhancement Detail: Currently the list of columns to display for devices in the remote console is wonderful but can a User Name column option be added? At least to show the last logged on user of a device? I could not find a future enhancements option in the Remote Administrator forum and thought I would place this here for now.
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