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  1. I ran into an issue with importing a new cert into the ESET Mobile Device manager policy where ESMC was not accepting certificate stating is was invalid. After working with Eset support we ended up recreating the cert with a different passphrase and the cert was validated. I believe the specific character was a '/'.
  2. Hi nichomach, did you see this question posted in the forum? Not sure if it might help you or not but just in case:
  3. Thanks MichalJ. I understand in regards to priority. I think if more folks were aware of this great feature ERA provides it may rise up the ladder :-)
  4. Description: Incorporate Apple Volume Purchase Program into ERA Detail: ERA has functionality to incorporate Apple DEP to manage restrictions to IOS Devices. It would be a wonderful feature to also incorporate the Apple Volume Purchase Program. Apple VPP provides a feature to manage IOS Apps deployed to IOS devices without having to configure an Apple ID. Where Apple DEP is already available within Eset ERA including Apple VPP would provide full circle MDM solution without requiring another application to manage the devices.
  5. I have configured Eset Mobile Device Connector with our Eset Remote Administrator. I have configured Apple DEP and successfully linked our Eset MDC to our Apple DEP program. I am able to create a policy and assign to a mobile device without issue. I am now attempting to configure apps from the Apple App store to be installed onto our managed devices without requiring an Apple ID. I have setup the Apple Volume Purchase Program and purchased the free apps we want to install. After conferring with Eset Suport it looks like ERA does not have a built in feature to install the Apple VPP service token. Just curious if other folks have attempted to use Eset for Mobile Device management and ran into this hurdle and if another solution was utilized?
  6. Can a setting be added as a policy to determine the default setting of the deslock tray icon? The default is to logout/login the user. It would be great if there was a policy where we could pick what the default value could be such as Do Nothing. The more items we can lock down for end users could prevent additional help desk calls :-)
  7. When in the Workstations container and looking at a team can the columns that display be modified? For example can the deslock version be a column you can sort by?
  8. Hi Peter, please provide me the link to the 6.5 beta. It is greatly appreciated!
  9. Try using a filter to filter the OS type by windows and then sorting by language. You should find the 6.2 version in the language you are looking for.
  10. foneil - the link hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3668/ explains that the Microsoft Hotfix 2664888 is a prerequisite to update to the latest version of 6.x. Is this still true prior to deploying this latest version of the agent ( I just want to be clear if I still need to deploy that hotfix first. Thanks!
  11. Could a parameter be added to Eset to activate using the license (.ls) file? I can create an offline license file through the license administrator and use this file to manually activate Eset EAV. It would awesome if I could automate that process by using a parameter.
  12. Wonderful news! Will there be release notes for this version posted in the forum?
  13. I agree there are a multitude of requirements and I was just offering up an alternate solution to deploying the agent outside of using GPO. In our environment with the number of nodes and testing we did prior to full deployment we had little to no downtime and minimal interruption to our users by using the agent deployment task, assigning the EEAV software install task to a group, to deploy once the agent was installed, we had about a 95% success rate. We also had great success running the software uninstall task to remove our old AV using the Third-party antivirus software (Built with OPSWAT). It literally wiped the old AV out. Files and registry settings were completely gone! I was impressed with that process.
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